City sign
The city sign dating 1524
Svendborg as an old market town and seaport and has been center point for trading for ages. Pay a visit to the museums in
Christian's mill - the mark of the city
the city, walk through the old streets with old houses and see the city and small islands from the sound by small ferryboat.
City sign
The city sign dating 1362
Cross the bridge to Tåsinge and see the church of Bregninge, Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparres graves, the maritime collections of Troense (town on Tosinge) or visit the old castle of Valdemar (son of king Christian IV).
Map of Svendborg, Tåsinge og Thurø. Tåsinge Thurø Svendborg
Thurø is another little island near Svendborg. One gets here by cros-sing a little bridge.
On this beautiful little island there is a little church, the peculiar tree with baby soothers and a lovely beach.
Bregninge church
Thurø church

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